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Woody's Automotive Group5March 25, 2016

Gilman City Used SUV customer says, "5 stars!"

by Randee Prindle (Gilman City, MO) on March 25, 2016
Department: Sales
"5 stars!" ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5February 29, 2016

Gilman City Used Car customers say, "Outstanding sales process!"

by Bryant & Vickie Bryant (Gilman City, MO) on February 29, 2016
Department: Sales
"Jeff got me the car I wanted! Outstanding sales process!" ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5January 12, 2016

Gilman City Used Truck customer says, "Honest and not pushy!"

by Nathan McCrary (Gilman City, MO) on January 12, 2016
Department: Sales
"Excellent! Fast, easy, smooth service. Honest and not pushy!" ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5May 29, 2015

Gilman City, Missouri Mercury Mariner customer says, "What a great experience."

by Virgil Russell (Gilman City, MO) on May 29, 2015
Department: Sales
"What a great experience, never believed we would be able to get such a great car with a warranty! Way to go - 5 stars to you!" ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5August 22, 2013

Gilman City Missouri Dodge Charger Customer says, "Explained straight forward!"

by Scott and Rachael Flowers (Gilman City, MO) on August 22, 2013
Department: Sales
"I like that everything was explained straight forward! Thanks Cory and Polly!" ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5May 7, 2013

Gilman City Missouri Dodge Ram Customer says, "This is my 2nd automobile from Woody's."

by Dustin Robinson (Gilman City, MO) on May 7, 2013
Department: Sales
"This is my 2nd automobile from Woody's. We hope this truck will be as good as my Jeep was." ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5October 23, 2012

Gilman City, Missouri Chevrolet Silverado customer says, "We were treated very well."

by Darrell and Cheryl Klein (Gilman City, MO) on October 23, 2012
Department: Sales
"We were treated very well and it made it a pleasant experience." ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5October 8, 2012

Gilman City, Missouri Buick Regal customer says, "Cory was very helpful and wasy to work with."

by Larry and Sharon Gibson (Gilman City, MO) on October 8, 2012
Department: Sales
"Cory was very helpful and wasy to work with. we enjoyed our shopping experience." ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5September 8, 2011

Gilman City Ford customers Wanda & Cheyenne say, "It was a very pleasing experience."

by Wanda Sims & Cheyenne Clutter (Gilman City, MO) on September 8, 2011
Department: Sales
"It was a very pleasing experience. I feel that they helped us with all of our needs to the fullest and very friendly salesmen." ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5June 28, 2011

Gilman City Dodge Grand Caravan customer Vickie says, "They also had to stay late with no complaint!"

by Vickie Elder (Gilman City, MO) on June 28, 2011
Department: Sales
Keri was very nice and let us make our decision. Everyone was very nice and explained everything in detail. They also had to stay late with no complaint! ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5February 21, 2011

Gilman City Pontiac Grand Prix customer Janet says, "kept in contact without being too pushy."

by Janet Gibson (Gilman City, MO) on February 21, 2011
Department: Sales
Everybody was nice (Polly, Mitch, Bill) and kept in contact without being too pushy. ... [read more]
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