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Woody's Automotive Group5May 10, 2016

Marceline, Missouri, Used Jeep Grand Cherokee, Customer Says, "Great friendly & helpful staff! Went above and beyond!"

by Landon and Felica Teeter (Marceline, MO) on May 10, 2016
Department: Sales
"Great friendly & helpful staff! Greated as soon as we walked in the door. Went above and beyond to get us into our new vehicle. Thanks!"   Shop for your Jeep Grand Cherokee here now!     ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5February 2, 2016

Marceline Used Car customer says, "I was wowed!"

by Tim Rodger (Marceline, MO) on February 2, 2016
Department: Sales
"I was wowed!" ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5February 1, 2016

Marceline Used SUV customer says, "Easy sales process!"

by Katrina Pope (Marceline, MO) on February 1, 2016
Department: Sales
"Easy sales process!" ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5December 24, 2015

Marceline Used SUV customers say, "Got the car we wanted at a price we could afford!"

by Dennis & Dottie Cupp (Marceline, MO) on December 24, 2015
Department: Sales
"Polly & Neva were great to work with. Got the car we wanted at a price we could afford." ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5December 16, 2015

Dottie C. of Marceline MO

by Dottie M Cupp (Marceline, MO) on December 16, 2015
Department: Service
Had to bring recently purchased car in for a check and was running late. Not only did the service department give a call to see what the holdup was, they met me with a smile when I showed up 25 minutes late for my appointment. ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5April 6, 2015

Marceline, Missouri Chevrolet Silverado customer says, "Great experience!"

by Ron and Bonnie Jenkins (Marceline, MO) on April 6, 2015
Department: Sales
"Great experience!" ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5February 4, 2015

Marceline, Missouri Kia Amanti customer says, "You were great!"

by Sheley Huffman (Marceline, MO) on February 4, 2015
Department: Sales
"You were great! Love ya Polly!" ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group4December 15, 2014

Marceline, Missouri Ram 1500 customer says, "Thanks for the help!"

by Eugene Neal (Marceline, MO) on December 15, 2014
Department: Sales
"Thanks for the help Polly and Neva!!!" ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5August 25, 2014

Marceline, Missouri Chrysler 300 customer says, "Wonderful."

by Beverely Bandy (Marceline, MO) on August 25, 2014
Department: Sales
"Everything was wonderful - thanks!" ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5July 25, 2014

Marceline, Missouri Volvo S60 customer says, "Great!! Great!! Great!!"

by Catherline Schmitt (Marceline, MO) on July 25, 2014
Department: Sales
"Great!! Great!! Great!! Once again, great car buying experience." ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5April 10, 2014

Marceline, Missouri Dodge Avenger Customer says, "Andy was phenomenal."

by Mary Baker (Marceline, MO) on April 10, 2014
Department: Sales
"My experience was outstanding. Andy was phenomenal. Love my new car, would recommend Woody's to anyone." ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5February 7, 2014

Marceline, Missouri Chevrolet Tahoe Customer says, "Jeff was very helpful."

by Ricky McCollum (Marceline, MO) on February 7, 2014
Department: Sales
"Jeff was very helpful. Positive experience. 5 stars." ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5January 31, 2014

Marceline, Missouri Ford Expedition Custoomer says, "Scoop was very helpful."

by Randall Batye (Marceline, MO) on January 31, 2014
Department: Sales
"5 stars! Scoop was very helpful with the purchase of our vehicle." ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5January 9, 2014

Marceline Missouri Hyundai Tucson Customer says, "WOW!"

by Ashley Tapscott (Marceline, MO) on January 9, 2014
Department: Sales
"WOW!" ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5November 12, 2013

Marecline Missouri Dodge Journey Customer says, "Thanks."

by George and Rhonda Teeter (Marceline, MO) on November 12, 2013
Department: Sales
"Was looking on the web for Woody's website. I found what we wanted, a 4WD Journey so we came to look and found what we wanted and bought it the same day we looked. Thanks." ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5October 16, 2013

Marceline Missouri Dodge Journey Customer says, "Service with a smile!"

by Jeff O'Dell (Marceline, MO) on October 16, 2013
Department: Sales
"Fast friendly service with a smile! Thanks for staying late!!" ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5September 6, 2013

Marceline Missouri Jeep Compass Custmer says, "Friendly faces."

by David and Pam Minor (Marceline, MO) on September 6, 2013
Department: Sales
"Appreciated friendly faces. Christian music - not being pressured! Thank you! God bless." ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5September 3, 2013

Marceline Missouri Ram 1500 Customer says, "Excellent!"

by Tommy Oldham (Marceline, MO) on September 3, 2013
Department: Sales
"Excellent! Thanks!" ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5August 3, 2013

Marceline Missouri Mitsubishi Galant Customer says, "I was well pleased."

by James and Kelly Sheffield (Marceline, MO) on August 3, 2013
Department: Sales
"I was well pleased with Cory Huffmon, nice man. I loved the way he worked for us." ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5June 4, 2013

Marceline Missouri Toyota FJ Cruiser Customer says, "Absolutely the best dealership in Missouri!"

by Catherine Schmitt (Marceline, MO) on June 4, 2013
Department: Sales
"WOW!! Absolutely the best dealership in Missouri!! 6 star rating! Anyone and everyone that I know will know about my excellent experience with Woody's Automotive." ... [read more]
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