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Woody's Automotive Group5March 30, 2015

New Cambria, Missouri Chevrolet Trailblazer customer says, "Danny was exteremly helpful."

by Kathleen Dye (New Cambria, MO) on March 30, 2015
Department: Sales
"Danny was extremely helpful and got us an amazing rate on our car and was friendly and made sure we got what we wanted." ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5July 3, 2014

New Cambria, Missouri Kia Sportage customer says, "Very laid back and personable."

by Julie Kelley (New Cambria, MO) on July 3, 2014
Department: Sales
"5 stars. Was impressed with Polly and all the people that helped me get the car. Very laid back and personable." ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5March 26, 2014

New Cambria, Missouri Kia Sportage Customer says, "Andy was awesome!"

by Melissa Watson (New Cambria, MO) on March 26, 2014
Department: Sales
"5 stars. My salesman Andy was awesome! He worked really hard to get me what I wanted. Very nice guy. Thanks." ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5February 17, 2014

New Cambria, Missouri Ram 2500 Customer says, "Good experience."

by Loren Niemeier (New Cambria, MO) on February 17, 2014
Department: Sales
"Good experience, got the deal I wanted." ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5January 30, 2014

New Cambria, Missouri Suzuki Xl7 Customer says, "Scott is great."

by David and Sherry Oldham (New Cambria, MO) on January 30, 2014
Department: Sales
"Scott is great. Very pleased. You all went above and beyond to help us. Thanks very much!" ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5August 29, 2013

New Cambria Missouri Dodge Caliber Customer says, "High energy."

by Richard and Debbie Shoemaker (New Cambria, MO) on August 29, 2013
Department: Sales
"Scoop was great to work wtih - very high energy and everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable." ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5August 20, 2012

New Cambria Missouri Jeep Liberty Customer says, "No pressure and pleasant atmosphere."

by James Carriker (New Cambria, MO) on August 20, 2012
Department: Sales
"We were treated very well, no pressure and pleasant atmosphere." ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5August 6, 2012

new Cambria Missouri Ford Fiesta Customer says,"Guy is a very nice young gentleman."

by Jimmie Niemeier (New Cambria, MO) on August 6, 2012
Department: Sales
"Guy is a very nice young gentleman and will do great! Good for his first sale." ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5August 3, 2012

New Cambria Missouri Dodge Durango Customer says, "service is top of line."

by Charlotte and Garland Elliott (New Cambria, MO) on August 3, 2012
Department: Sales
"This is my third trip and have purchased 4 cars from Woody's, service is top of line 3 new and 1 used." ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5July 5, 2011

New Cambria Chrysler Town & Country customer Gilbert says, "Very easy to talk to!"

by Gilbert Coe (New Cambria, MO) on July 5, 2011
Department: Sales
Very easy to talk to! My son will be head basketball coach at Newtown-Harris. Jeff and Corbin had a good visit about sports while I shopped for a new vehicle. We were WOWED!... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5February 23, 2011

New Cambria Mitsubishi Eclipse customer Richard says, "they made sure I went home happy."

by Richard Cochran (New Cambria, MO) on February 23, 2011
Department: Sales
This was the most straight-forward car buying experience I've had. They made sure I went home happy. ... [read more]
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