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Woody's Automotive Group5December 23, 2015

Olathe Used Van customer says, "I was wowed!"

by Matt Strong (Olathe, KS) on December 23, 2015
Department: Sales
"I was wowed!" ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5November 13, 2015

Olathe, Kansas Used Truck customer says, "A wonderful experience!"

by Dana Ham (Olathe, KS) on November 13, 2015
Department: Sales
"A wonderful experience. Scott did a great job educating me on trade off prices. I was upside down on a loan, but they worked with me to help me get into a better driving scenario that I could not be more happy with! The service and the savings were well... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5April 7, 2015

Olathe, Kansas Jeep Compass customer says, "I had a great experience."

by Tara Jeffries (Olathe, KS) on April 7, 2015
Department: Sales
"I had a great experience. Danny was great to work with and appreciated his hnesty and down to earth way to business!!" ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5September 19, 2013

Olathe Kansas Dodge Ram Customer says, "Woody's was awesome."

by Devon and Kelly Wright (Olathe, KS) on September 19, 2013
Department: Sales
"Woody's was awesome - Jeff Henderson made everything possible to meet our expectations. Very family focused and recommend highly to buy your next car!" ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5September 16, 2013

Olathe Kansas Jeep Liberty Customer says, "5 star buying experience!"

by Dale Rigsby (Olathe, KS) on September 16, 2013
Department: Sales
"Definitely a 5 star buying experience!" ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5February 5, 2013

Olathe Kansas Kia Borrego Customers Bryan and Lacy say, "Very family friendly."

by Bryan and Lacy Hileman (Olathe, KS) on February 5, 2013
Department: Sales
"Great experience, very family friendly. Specials thanks to everyone who helped watch and play with our two young daughters while we worked out the details of our purchase." ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5January 23, 2013

Olathe Kansas GMC Yukon Customer says, "Andy exceeded expectations!"

by Paris Revoir (Olathe, KS) on January 23, 2013
Department: Sales
"I had not heard of Woody's Automotive Group before last week. My accountant suggested I check for a fair price! Woody's was a great pric. I e-mailed with Eva who put me in contact with Andy Perkins. Andy exceeded expectations! The whole situation left me feeling I got a... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5February 28, 2012

Olathe Jeep Commander Customer Christopher says, "By far this has been the most pleasant car buying experience in 10 years."

by Christopher Innes (Olathe, KS) on February 28, 2012
Department: Sales
"By far this has been the most pleasant car buying experience in 10 years. My wife researched your company and had read only positive reviews. Thanks again." ... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5November 28, 2011

Olathe Chevrolet Malibu customer Jocelyn says "Woody's did a wonderful job!"

by Jocelyn Torrez (Olathe, KS) on November 28, 2011
Department: Sales
"Woody's did a wonderful job working with my parents to get me my surprise birthday gift!"... [read more]
Woody's Automotive Group5August 17, 2011

Olathe Dodge Ram customers Patrick and Pamela say, "Great service."

by Patrick & Pamela Nickle (Olathe, KS) on August 17, 2011
Department: Sales
"Great service. Recommending to a friend to look at your Honda Pilot."... [read more]
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